A list of all statuses when using the coverage methods.


Coverage Statuses

Listed below are the possible responses from using the /coverage methods.

StatusDescriptionNext Steps
QuotedQuote is offered. The coverage object will populated with a price and validUntil date.Activate Cover


Reject Cover
RefusedQuote has been refused by the API.Review the rejectionReasons array and see Reasons for Quote Rejection for more information.
RejectedUser has rejected the offered quote.
ActivatedUser has activated the offered quote.After payment is received settle the cover using Settle Cover/Claim
CancelledCover has been cancelled by the user.
SettledCover is no longer required because the invoice(s) have been paid or resolved.Remember to always settle covers that you no longer need to free up coverage on that buyer.
ClaimedCover has been claimed.A claims assessor will contact you to take over your claim case.
ExpiredQuote is expired.You can request a new quote with the same information if you want to try to insure again.
TimeBarredCover is past its claimable date.Settle Cover once you know the invoice has been paid.
AssessingQuote is processing or being assessed still.Poll for a status by using Get Cover By Id or wait for the Cover Assessment Completed webhook.
RevokedCover can no longer be Activated due to external factors.Rare cases occur where we must revoke the coverage, for example identified fraudulent transactions.

Claim Statuses

Listed below are the possible responses after you make a claim on a cover.

StatusDescriptionNext Steps
AssessingThe quote lives in this state until a payment has occurred or the user has settled the claim.Poll for a status by using Get Cover By Id.
SettledThe claim is no longer needed and the user has called Settle Cover