Reasons for Quote Rejection

Learn why your quote was rejected and what steps can be taken to try again.

Why was my quote rejected?

There can be several reasons for a quote to be rejected. It is even possible that multiple reasons exist. All reasons will be sent at once for review in the statusReasons array.


Informative Only

As reasons and their descriptions can change overtime, we recommend that you do not apply any logic or rules based the statusReasons array. Use only for informative purposes.


Generic responses

Several rejection reasons intentionally have the true rejected reason obfuscated (written as "Not insurable") as some information cannot be shared directly with you the client.

Rejection Reasons

ReasonNext StepsCode
Not insurable due to buyer in state of defaultCheck that the buyer does not have any claims. A buyer must be claim free before requesting a new quote.1014, 1023
Buyer and Seller share a group head company linkNone.1028
Maximum Buyer Limit ReachedCheck Get Coverage Credit Line for the buyer.

If you have existing covers on the same buyer that have been paid but not settled, please settle those covers using Settle Cover.
1206, 1301
No active envelope found for this buyerNo active envelope found for this buyer1203
Temporary error, please try again in a few minutesTemporary error, please try again in a few minutes503
Not insurable for this seller or buyerNone. Either one of the companies are not insurable, but not both.1017
Not insurable for this seller and buyerNone. The combination or both of these companies are not insurable.1017
Not insurable for this buyerCheck Get Coverage Credit Line for the buyer.1012
Seller Not In WhitelistThe seller has not be requested for whitelisting or has been denied.1003
Buyer country is not allowedNone. Your policy does not allow for insuring buyers found in this country.1212
Not insurable: due date is in the pastNone.1083
Request exceeds Invoice threshold for this buyerNone.1016
Cover duration of the quote cannot be higher than the maximum cover duration allowed by the policy.Check you policy maximum for this value and consider which invoices you submit for insurance.1029
Not insurable: invoice due date too old.None.1005
Not insurable: missing information about the buyer.Ask you account manager to look into what information is needed to complete the quote request.1082
Not insurable: the quote request is too close to the due date of the invoice.None.1030, 1035
Quote exceeds threshold.None.1016
Invoice amount exceeds remaining allowed envelope for this buyer.You can request a higher envelope and if it is increased, request additional insurance.1020
Invoice amount exceeds remaining allowed envelope.None.1020
Not insurable: buyer or seller is closed.Check to see the buyer has not created a new operating entity recently and contact us for a review.

Otherwise the buyer is listed as no longer in operation.
Duplicate Invoice FoundRetry in the following day (for same invoice) or correct the information of the invoice if it is a new one1097
Buyer not insurable recent creation dateNone. That given buyer was recently established so it has higher risk, not accepted in terms of risk.