Learn how a claim is created and what stages a claim goes through over time.


What is a claim?

A claim is a cover which has been requested for collections. You have a specific number of days called a "claim window" after the due date is passed to file a claim.


Below is the flow chart for a claim lifecycle.

  1. A "claim" is requested for a cover when payment is not received by the buyer.
  2. The "claimStatus" starts at "assessing", and stays in assessing until the claim handling has completed.
  3. If the buyer pays the invoice/debt you must settle the claim to clear the coverage and stop collections.

There is a lot of associated data for posting a claim.

Read carefully Claim Cover for which fields are required and if any supporting documents are needed.


Rules to request a claim

  • The claim window is specified by your policy.
  • If the buyer of the invoice has gone bankrupt, you should submit a claim as soon as possible.