Activates a cover by ID.

This method allows activation of a coverage, based on a particular quote.

The quote must be in 'Pending' status to be approved.

Once a quote is approved, insurance coverage is granted subject to the conditions of your policy.


Make sure you confirm activation was successful!

Note that under most circumstances, any quote in Pending stage will be able to be Activated.

However, it is critical to check that a quote was successfully Activated in order to make sure that you are correctly covered for an invoice. The simplest way to do this is to check the response JSON and make sure that the Status has correctly been set to Activated.

This will ensure that you can be made aware of any problems with the Activation - for example, if network problems or temporary issues with the API prevent you from successfully activating.

Note: once a cover has been activated it cannot be Rejected or "de-activated".

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