Missing Param

Status 400. Indicates that required parameters were missing from the API request. The required parameters for each request are listed in the documentation.

Bad Policy Request

Status 400. Indicates that the policy request was invalid. Please see Creating a Coverage Policy for more information about creating a policy.

Bad authentication information

Status 401. Invalid or incorrect authentication information.

Resource Not Found

Status 404. Indicates that the requested resource could not be found.

Expired date stamp

Status 408. Indicates that the JWT token is older than 30 seconds. (This is not currently implemented.)

Could Not Activate

Status 409. Indicates the policy could not be activated. This is most likely due to the policy having expired, been cancelled or been rejected.

Bad Request

Status 400. Can indicate one of the forbidden characters <>*%&:\ was present in the path of the URL. Please check your request and if necessary remove those characters, for example when searching for a company by name.