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Coverage object fields:

coverage.currencycoverage.currency - Currency of the policy.
coverage.quotedAtcoverage.quotedAt - Quotation timestamp showing what time the quote was created.
coverage.durationcoverage.duration - The period of coverage (in days) that is being offered. Typically, coverage is calculated to the invoice due date. For example, coverage starting today and due tomorrow would return a duration of 2.
coverage.bpsperdaycoverage.bpsperday - The rate we are offering for insurance in basis points per day.
coverage.coverPricecoverage.coverPrice - The total cost of the coverage (inclusive of any fees and taxes).
coverage.serviceFeeRatecoverage.serviceFeeRate - Service fee on insurance rate excluding VAT. Usually a percentage of the coverPrice.
coverage.serviceFeeVatRatecoverage.serviceFeeVatRate - VAT rate applied on the service fee.
coverage.serviceFeeVatAmountcoverage.serviceFeeVatAmount - VAT amount applied on the service fee.
coverage.collectionFeeRatecoverage.collectionFeeRate - Collection fee rate excluding VAT.
coverage.collectionFeeVatAmountcoverage.collectionFeeVatAmount - VAT amount applied on the collection fee.
coverage.vatcoverage.vat - VAT amount applied on the service fees (deprecated: duplicate of serviceFeeVatAmount).
coverage.exchangeRatecoverage.exchangeRate - Currency exchange rate between the invoice.currency and the coverage.currency.
coverage.convertedInvoiceAmountcoverage.convertedInvoiceAmount - The amount of the invoice after the exchange rate is applied.
coverage.insuranceTaxAmountcoverage.insuranceTaxAmount - The amount of insurance tax (also know as Insurance Premium Tax) applied to the coverage.
coverage.insuranceTaxRatecoverage.insuranceTaxRate - The rate of insurance tax (also know as Insurance Premium Tax Rate) applied to the coverage. Rates are determined based on domestic/international trading and what country the policy holder is based.
coverage.coveredAmountcoverage.coveredAmount - The current insurance coverage that is applied to a particular cover. This value can change when for example you submit a partial payment.


Missing fields in your responses?

Informative fields such as "remainingBuyerCapacity" are enabled on a case by case basis.


Dealing with daylight saving

Please note that when dealing with dates, the timezone may need special attention as changes to daylight savings time may affect the overall quote duration.

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