When you are close to consuming the remaining Outstanding or know the buyer will require more available coverage you can request an increase for the maximum outstanding. Since a given buyer can have business relationship with several sellers in the same Policy holder, buyer’s exposition is shared among sellers under that Policy. That’s why an Increase Maximum Outstanding Request can only be done for buyer-only Maximum Outstanding. Therefore, it is needed to call POST/Maximum outstanding with buyer-only to have id of buyer-only MO which will be used for the increase request. This process may require a manual review before approval so you need to make sure that you account for this in your workflow. If an increase request is still in Assessing, a new increase request for the same MO/Buyer cannot be done. Possible statuses of MOI: "ASSESSING" "APPROVED" "REFUSED" "PARTIALLY_APPROVED" "CANCELLED"


Restricted Endpoint

Geographical and other restrictions apply. You must be pre-approved for use of this endpoint.

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