Find a company record by name and country code.

This method allows you to search the company database to find a transactor using only their company name. This will allow you to discover their ID, which will in turn allow you to obtain quotes for coverage.

The endpoint takes two primary inputs:

  • Country code: the country in which the company resides
  • Company name: the name of the company

Additionally (as with any query that can return multiple responses) you can also supply a 'page' parameter to allow pagination of results.

Filters are also available for other fields, which are passed as query string parameters. Filters include city, street name, street number, and phone number.


A note on filtering

Please note that due to the underlying back end service we use for searching companies, filters can appear to be quite "fuzzy" - for example, if you filter on "Paris" as a city, you may get results which include companies in other cities.

This can happen if there companies are linked through some mechanism in our search back end (for example, if one company is a subsidiary of the other).

If the search is successful, the endpoint will return JSON containing general identifying information about the transactor (including the ID, company name, address and phone number).

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