Returns information about a company specified by an external service type and an external service ID

This method allows you to search the company database to find a transactor through a variety of "external IDs". This will allow you to discover their ID, which will in turn allow you to obtain quotes for coverage.

An external ID is typically the unique ID in some sort of company registry - for example, French companies each have a unique SIREN code.


Searching via Euler Hermes ID

For users that are famililar with searching via the Euler Hermes ID, these are accessible with the service listing type 'eulerid' (e.g.,

A list of the supported registry services is made available through the Services Listing endpoint.

The endpoint takes three inputs:

  • Country code: the country in which the company resides
  • Service: the service identifier (as noted in the Services Listing)
  • Id: the identifier for the external service

If the search is successful, the endpoint will return JSON containing general identifying information about the transactor (including company name, address and phone number).

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